The Florida Law Network

Welcome to The Florida Law Network

The Florida Law Network is a group of independent law firms practicing throughout the State of Florida that have combined their knowledge, efforts, and resources for the primary purpose of expanding the scope and improving the quality of legal services each firm provides to its own clients as well as increasing efficiency and lowering the costs of providing those services.

The member firms of the Florida Law Network are better able to serve the interests of their clients because of the statewide geographical reach, cumulative expertise in both general and specialized practice areas, and local community knowledge and legal credibility before a specific court or other decision-making body.

The Florida Law Network is not a partnership. Each law firm member is a separate entity that performs its own work independently for its clients and is solely responsible for the quality of its work. No member of the network accepts legal responsibility for another firm’s work.

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Our Law Network is Comprised of the most Talented and Successful Law Firms and professionals of Florida offering a wide array of services

A united work culture that flows with professionalism is our Law Network's secret